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Chroma Key

Desarrollador SDRemthix
0.99 usd

Chroma key is an image effect allowing any solid colored background to be replaced with a different background. It is often referred to as "green screen".With Chroma Key for Android, you can now create amazing special effects with your phone. Simply select an image for the foreground and background, pick the background color, then click apply. Images will be automatically sized to match the specified output size, by default the size of the foreground image. The color tolerance and background color can be adjusted to make sure the background is properly removed. After you have the effect as you like, you can save the image to your phone.
Version 3.0.0 is a complete rebuild of the app as much of the code needed to be changed to be compatible with recent versions of the Android operating system. With this update, the app should be fully functional across all supported versions of Android, including 4.4 and above. Several new features have been added as well. See "Recent Changes" for more details.
Please email with any questions, comments, or suggestions.